Fijian Mahogany

9 Interesting Facts about Fijian Mahogany Timber Decking

If you like the look of mahogany but are a bit concerned about the environmental impact and fair trade issues surrounding buying this type of plantation timber. We’ve done our homework:

  1. Fijian mahogany is actually a Brazilian timber grown in Fiji.
  2. The mahogany-shoot-borer moth which causes the damage and deformity to the trees in South America, is not found in Fiji.
  3.  A versatile, durable timber decking that’s really good for staining
  4. It’s often used to make electric guitars (nothing to do with decks or sustainability but interesting nonetheless
  5. Fijian Mahogany is grown in sustainable forests, with minimal environmental impact. There are trees of various ages in these sustainable forests. Some up to 40 years old
  6. The land is owned by Fijian clans who all share in the proceeds of the sales
  7. Fijian Mahogany is a national resource. The Fijian PM has even made a speech about the significance of managing the resource
  8. There have been two decrees recently made by the government committing to safeguard more efficiently the profits for their people and managing the sustainability of the timber more effectively
  9. It can only be sold in Fiji with a licence and processing of the logs can also now only take place in Fiji.

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